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Concrit Post


No really. Please inform me. Comments are screened.


Comment Counter Meme... thing.

Dino has yet to formally enter camp, so I'm leaving him out for now.
The Spamfu is weak with this one.Collapse )

I think I've figured out which one's my primary, at least.


CFUD invading my Pokemon

Mostly for my own amusement, but I will name one pokemon after each person in camp JUST WATCH ME:

As of 5/9/2007Collapse )

Because Hiroshi's a whore. Again.

"You said you knew what you were doing."

"I do. I've done my research and everything."

"... Watching gay porn is not research, Tatsuha-kun."

"One, yes it is. Two, I don't watch gay porn."

"Those tapes of Yuki-san and Shuichi count."

"One a, how do you know about those? Two a, that's lesbian porn."


"It might as well be, you know. From what I've seen Shuichi practically self-lubrica--"

"Tatsuha-kun. Please don't talk about my best friend's sexual abnormalities while we're in bed together."

"Okay, I got it, I won't. I won't even mention how sometimes I swear I can see right through him like his ass is some kinda wind--"


"Got it, got it. Rear window stays out of bed. You should really relax more, Hiro-kun. In all meanings of the word."

"I'm relaxed, Tatsuha-kun."

"You sure don't feel relaxed."

"Are you sure you're feeling the right spot?"

"There's only one hole down here; I think I can figure things out from that."

"This is embarrassing..."

"Maybe I could find myself other holes to put things in. Other holes that would make certain people stop complaining when I already said twice that I locked the door."

"My other hole comes with teeth, Tatsuha-kun. And I remember, this is jus--"

"Would you really bite it? Fuck, I always knew you had some weird kinks. Good thing you're not normally gay or you'd run out of lovers pretty fa--"

"Just get on with it, Tatsuha-kun."

"Well since you put it so erotically and all."



AUGH ESSAYS okay here's one of the ones I said I'd do.

IT MAY OR MAY NOT MAKE SENSE I shouldn't write essays at 1 in the morning while I'm hungry g-god.

Tatsuha on EiriCollapse )


Random facts

Random facts about Tatsuha:
Updated as things progressCollapse )

Things to Essay/Essay Meme

Dee is a dirty dirty enabler. Also, not writing these now I think, but I will. Eventually.

To Essay List:
Tatsuha and Ryuichi
Tatsuha and Eiri Here.
Why I think Tatsuha really is a sixteen year old kid.
Tatsuha and Shuichi

Lastly, if there's anything you want essayed on concerning Tatsuha, drop a comment here and I'll get to it.


Contact Meme~

Me: counttosheep

I play:
Uesugi Tatsuha (graspingnittles)
Randy "Ryo" Maclean (safetystayson)
Kaitani Riku (ballwrangler)
Dino (sowhipped)
Terazuma Hajime (defaultedtogay)
Cooro (willcute4food).

Available on: IRC Dino usually, but sometimes I'll hop on another character's nick. E-mail (artisabang@gmail.com) is another good way to get to me. I'm always on Gchat, so that's the best way to contact me.

Timezone/Language: PST which is... I have no idea what it is in GMT GMT-8. (THANK YOU HELPFUL AUDIENCE). Also, I speak ze English. Mostly.

The Playing Experience: Jump my characters. Anytime. Anywhere. Do it. I might also ninja in on your characters and forget to ask, but if you want me to stop, just give me a smack. I won't touch the longer threads, but shorter/new threads I tend to eye. I also have a bad habit of not picking up threads the next day or being completely blind to my inbox, so if you want to continue a thread, poke/prod/violate me somewhere and I will.

Goals: TO PLAY MORE. I'm really terrible at playing all my characters everyday.

Betaing: I would loooove to beta for any canons, especially my own, but my grammar kinda sucks. So if you want a content beta, look for me?

AUs: I will probably giggle like a ten year old girl through the whole thing, but I'm willing to try.

Pimping: All my canons are licensed and kinda old and easy to find! GO GET THEM NOW.

Other: I have a bad habit of going AFK without leaving any messages, so the best way to contact me if you really need me is through e-mail. I am also a complete spaz and make lewd comments but I'm nice, rly. D: